View into the RF shielded enclosures

Short description   Technology
  • Set for self-assembly
  • Full equipment
  • For all MRI-systems
  • Reliable attenuation of shielding
  • Moisture-proof
  • Robust interior finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Unsupported, modular, and adaptable construction
  • Max. height 280cm
  • Individual consulting and planning
  • Pre-fabrication of the RF shielded enclosures ex factory
  • Compact packaging units
  • Delivery of the set
  • Illustrated and easily understandable assembly instructions included
  • Simple and quick self-assembly including assembly tools

Fully equipped copper RF shielded enclosures for the price of a shell construction RF shielded enclosures

HAMACO offers you the EasyLINE as fully equipped RF shielded enclosures for all MRI-systems. The modular and adaptable copper RF shielded enclosures is delivered as pre-fabricated set for self-assembly, and can be installed easily within one week with the included tools. At your wish, we help you with the assembly with one of our supervisors.

The specially selected materials are mould-resistant, moisture-proof, guarantee long shape stability, and easy cleaning.

Like all RF shielded enclosures made by HAMACO, the RF shielded enclosures EasyLINE meets the specifications for shielding attenuation and corresponds to the regulations for medical used rooms and the fire protection. Already during the design and planning of our enclosures we have sufficiently considered the mechanical strain and the heavy weight of the magnet, so that the shielding attenuation is stable in the long run.

Pre-fabrication and packaging

All components of the shielding cabin EasyLINE are pre-fabricated and packaged in systematic package units with care adequate for transportation, and prepared for delivery.

Delivery and self-assembly

After delivery and unpacking to the site the self assembly of the shielding cabin can be started. Illustrated and easily understandable instructions enable a simple and quick assembly of the RF shielded enclosures. At your wish, assembly can also be done completely by our professionals.

Equipment and accessories

Standard equipment includes an access door and an interference-free viewing window, as well as all necessary system components. Please see the brochure Equipment and Accessories for further information. We gladly advise you about the equipment product range for the EasyLINE RF shielded enclosures.

Equipment series


    Cross-sectional view shows construction of the EasyLINE-cabin

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