Competent consulting and planning according to your wishes

Competent consultancy, a precise project planning work as well as customer-tailored solutions are the requirements for efficient performance, smooth and safe operation, leading to a full customer satisfaction. Through the elaborate delivery ex factory it is possible to install the fully pre-fabricated cabin within only 5 assembly days on site, and to hand over the unit ready to use for immediate operation after inspection.

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The Site-Survey concerns the evaluation of the surroundings interferences at the planned installation site. The quasistatic magnetic DC ie vehicle traffic, subways, tramways and elevators and the dynamic AC ie transformers, power supply cables and electrical machines as well as the building vibration are being recorded and analysed. The result is a perfect tailored shielding solution allowing MRI to work in environments with disturbances far above the technical specifications.


Magnetic field calculation

For an efficient consultancy and planning work it is necessary to check each individual situation on site and to perform measurements, in order to create a best tailored solution for your project. With our special software for the calculation of magnetic fields we are able to analyze and simulate the magnetic field. As a result of this magnetic field calculation, you receive a cost-effective cabin planning with an effective magnetic attenuation that is perfectly adapted to the situation on site. Simply custom-work.


Sound proof optimisation

MRI systems generates sound levels over 100 dB(A) and are therefore a main source of sound disturbances. The rf-shielded enclosure surrounds the magnet from six sides, and takes over a main task in passive sound protection. An analysis of the building situation is necessary for the calculation of the required sound protection measures. For this purpose the adjoining rooms are differentiated between self used and outside used rooms. The require sound protection lies between 40 and 65 dB(A), depending on the MRI-system.


Measurement of shielding attenuation

Our engineers on site are equipped with mobile measurements systems that enables a continuous measurement of attenuation shielding for the electromagnetic fields in the complete frequency range of 1 to 1000 MHz by means of high sensitive devices.

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All shielding attenuation measurements correspond to the specifications according to MIL-STD 285 and NSA-65-6. An extensive report with documentation of the measurement results guarantees that the rf-shielded enclosures correspond to the desired specifications.


Maintenance and service

Be on the safe side. We offer you individual maintenance and service contracts for all RF shielded enclosures, including all spare parts. With our 24 hour hotline we are available to you quickly and reliably in case of operational difficulties.



You receive 5 years guarantee on all HAMACO-cabins, products, and their components.

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